Vagas para professores e estagiários em escola bilíngue

Divulgando : escola na Zona sul do Rio de Janeiro contrata:

Preschool Teacher

Job Description:

Be part of a dynamic team to enhance the quality of our pre-school education . As a Preschool Teacher, you will play a key role in providing our young with an enriched learning experience, nurturing their social skills and preparing them for lifelong learning. You will deliver a special bilingual education program to help foster English language learning and development for the children

Daily Responsibilities:

Deliver bilingual education program for the holistic development of the children

Support the development and implementation of teaching and learning approaches and resources, as well as best practices to enhance the learning experiences for the children
Prepare learning materials and conduct age-appropriate programmes
Provide a positive learning environment and ensure the well-being and safety of the children
Monitor and document children’s learning and development
Interact with the children to support play, exploration, and learning
Communicate appropriately and professionally with parents and fellow staff..
Build teamwork.

Who we are looking for

Part-time teachers(7:30-11:30 or 13:00-16:30)
University degree and/or English Language Certificate
Possess effective communication skills and the ability to engage the children
Salary: R$ 1.800,00

Trainee Teaching Assistant

Job Description:

Trainee Teaching Assistant to work alongside teachers in the classroom, helping pupils to get the most out of their learning

Daily Responsibilities:

Support children to be able to access all areas of the curriculum as directed by teacher

Prepare classroom as directed by the teacher

Supervise and support children and young people ensuring their safety

Substitute teachers

Who we are looking for:

Part-time trainees (Working Week30 hours – Monday – Friday)

University students

Excellent communication and written skills


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